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Our Founders

Meet our founders. They came together with a common interest to Connect(2)More. Each of them brings a unique skillset and outlook that creates an interesting dynamic and value-add to the C2M Beta Accelerator.

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Joe Fanguy

Joe currently leads emerging tech initiatives as VP of Strategic Development at Blackfoot Telecommunications. Since starting his career in sensor development, Joe's journey has given him deep experience in commercialization, technology incubation, and entrepreneurial ecosystems. 

Joe lends startups his experience in developing a vision for their products and services and is particularly passionate about building empowered teams focused on solving complicated problems.

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Jeremy Brown

Jeremy has a breadth of legal and financial experience working with start-ups and investors for more than a decade. 

He currently invests in exceptional businesses at the Tarkio Fund.

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Doug Odegaard

Doug brings 20 years of software development and solutions engineering to the team. 

He is currently developing cool tech as Automation Engineer at Q2ebanking in Austin, Texas.

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Our Mentors

Being located in the Rocky Mountain West does not scream "Tech-Wizard Haven" but it turns out quite a few Silicon Valley legends call Montana home, and have been very happy to lend us their expertise and time to help develop our cohort companies ability to succeed. Interested in becoming a mentor for C2M Beta? Let's chat!


Drew Arnot

Process Improvement 


Drew brings a vast amount of knowledge to aid startups in their journey.

insight studio mentor

Insight Studio

HubSpot Consultant


The Insight Studio leverages their mastery of HubSpot to fuel growth.

6pony mentor

Six Pony Hitch



Six Pony Hitch helps solve complex problems and tell amazing stories.

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