December 12th- 4-7 PM MST
@ First Interstate Bank- Missoula
Join us for an evening of networking, entrepreneurship and  Business Pitches from our Fall Cohort. 
Enjoy an evening "offsite" at the AMAZING venue,
First Interstate Bank, on the 6th floor, and experience an evening not to miss!
WHEN: December 12th, 4-7 PM MST 
Doors open at 4
Pitches start at 5
WHERE: First Interstate Bank (6th Floor) 
                   101 E Front St, Missoula, MT 59802

C2M helps transform
ideas into Businesses

C2M Beta is a 12-week program delivering the foundational and modern skills required to transform influential ideas into thriving businesses.

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Our Current Cohort includes..

Bulk Delivery Pro

Bulk material deliveries. 10x easier.
Market, sell, manage, and fulfill your rock, soil, and mulch orders online, using the only industry platform designed to grow your business.

Check out their Website here

Nomad Office

Mark and Nina Harrer are building a 2-sided platform to help building owners rent more of their spaces AND traveling professionals looking for a more robust solution than the "local coffee shop" or library. 

Nina's Linkedin


Trusted Enterprise Data Security- Establish a trusted relationship with your data with TeraDact's suite of data protection and security products. From the Ground-to-the-Cloud, and from the core-to-the-edge, we provide resilient data.

Check out their Website here

Smart Dorm

The Smart Dorm Company, founded by two Montana university students, utilizes new innovations to establish smart infrastructure for various facilities. We are focused on creating cost-effective sustainable technology for large-scale residential facilities.

Check out their Website here

Benefit Coffee Company

Ayme Krogstad created Benefit Coffee Company to not only help the community of Superior, MT, but also the larger community in need of great coffee, but also focused on helping support mental health and more. 

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About the Event

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Our 2023 Fall Cohort ranges from data security to Bulk materials delivery to short-term office-rentals to sustainability and more!  Join us to hear each of their pitches, and to find out if you can help, partner, invest, or just enjoy the show! 

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Past Cohorts


2023 Spring Alumni

  1. Oy Scheduling App - Tommy Evans, Paisley Taylor, Carolyn Buchta, Kera Holloway- Linkedin
  2. First Focus Physical Therapy- Megan Dagle- Website
  3. LED Retrofit Solutions- Thomas Wietecki
  4. Behavioral Health Consulting Solutions- Jay Getten- Website
  5. PrayScribe - Hans Hoffman- Linkedin

2022 Fall Alumni

  1. ThinkDeepyl.AI- Rajesh Kommineniwebsite
  2. Hometown DIY- Ashleen Spencerlinkedin
  3. FishHawke Sustainable Fisheries- Spencer Bradford- linkedin
  4. Boundless Home- Hans Hoffmanlinkedin
  5. Latitude Ventures Sky Cycle- Tana Burkewebsite

2022 Spring Alumni

  1. Origins Curriculum- Genevieve De Alva King- linkedin
  2. "Lingua Montana"- Ahmad Abdallah
  3. JawLogic- Kelly Lucas
  4. Kidspod- Jessica Ray
  5. Ronin Technologies- Jeff Dupuy
  6. FarmPro- Bryan Burkle

2021 Fall Alumni

  1. 2Revol - Angela Gruss
  2. Frontier Psychiatry- Eric Arzubi
  3. Bridgible-Chase Bartlett
  4. GatherBoard- Molly Bradford

2020 Alumni

  1. Check This Out- Nicholas Wickes
  2. 406Bovine- Bryan Elliott
  3. Inspired Classroom- Alli DePuy
  4. Shopdot- Michelle Huie

2019 Alumni

  1. Blocky- Taylor Heinecke
  2. Docity Health- James Cowan

2018 Alumni

  1. PatientONE- John O'connor 
  2. Cartalytics- Aaron Deskins
  3. AudPop - Paige Williams

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