2022 Fall Showcase Event

December 13th- 3-4PM MST

Hear pitches from our Fall Cohort participants.

Learn about the exciting ideas coming out of C2M Beta Accelerator.

WHEN: December 13th, 2022

WHERE: ZOOM- RSVP via the form and we will send you the meeting link!

About the Event

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Our 2022 Fall Cohort ranges from wellness tech, to AI & Machine learning, from triple-bottom line protein options to DIYmakerspaces and more!

Join us to hear each of their pitches, and to find out if you can help, partner, invest, or just enjoy the show! 

Sign up below, and learn more about each participant below as well. See you there!

2022 Fall Cohort Participants

How To Live

Hans Hoffman wants to change the way we buy and sell real estate. 


Sky Cycle

Tana Burke is on a mission to help travelers stay fit- with SkyCycle.


Hometown DIY

Ashleen Spencer is working to help mitigate PTSD with crafting and arts.


CJ Sustainable Fishery

Spencer Bradford is working to create a sustainable fishery right here with Flathead Lake.



Rajesh Kommineni is developing ways to help businesses and consumers utilize AI.

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Past Cohorts


2022 Spring Alumni

  1. Origins Curriculum- Genevieve De Alva King- linkedin
  2. "Lingua Montana"- Ahmad Abdallah
  3. JawLogic- Kelly Lucas
  4. Kidspod- Jessica Ray
  5. Ronin Technologies- Jeff Dupuy
  6. FarmPro- Bryan Burkle

2021 Fall Alumni

  1. 2Revol - Angela Gruss
  2. Frontier Psychiatry- Eric Arzubi
  3. Bridgible-Chase Bartlett
  4. GatherBoard- Molly Bradford

2020 Alumni

  1. Check This Out- Nicholas Wickes
  2. 406Bovine- Bryan Elliott
  3. Inspired Classroom- Alli DePuy
  4. Shopdot- Michelle Huie

2019 Alumni

  1. Blocky- Taylor Heinecke
  2. Docity Health- James Cowan

2018 Alumni

  1. PatientONE- John O'connor 
  2. Cartalytics- Aaron Deskins
  3. AudPop - Paige Williams

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