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Some Quick Answers

What is C2M Beta?

C2M Beta is a 12-week program delivering the foundational and modern skills required to transform influential ideas into thriving businesses. With access to more professional expertise, more state-of-the-art technology and more community resources, C2M Beta was founded with the mission to connect local entrepreneurs to more. Learn more at C2MBeta.com.

What kind of resources does C2M Beta provide?

  • Access to a network of mentors
  • Peer-to-peer coaching
  • Weekly working sessions
  • Assets to help with each stage of your business

Who are your program affiliates?

We are proud to have the following people be core members of our program:

  • Jeremy Brown of Tarkio Fund
  • Stephanie Sample of Fundid
  • Joe Fanguy of Blackfoot
  • Andrew Schulz of The Insight Studio
  • Past cohort participants
  • Community members
  • And so many more!

What's Blackfoot's role?

Blackfoot Communications founded C2M Beta in 2018 to offer entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to turn innovative ideas into thriving businesses. C2M Beta accelerates the time to market between idea generation and community impact by providing access to a deep network of resources. Together, Blackfoot and C2M Beta offer the tools, people and support that help our communities prosper. Learn more at GoBlackfoot.com/C2MBeta.

What is the time commitment?

Typically teams spend 2-4 hours per week focused on C2M Beta deliverables.

This includes a weekly call that is 1-1.5 hours long.

The commitment time is low, but expectations to spend more time is typical.

What are expected outcomes?

  • Develop the foundation of your business-plan.
  • Create robust Go To Market strategies
  • Connect to More- potential partners, collaborators and more!

Past Cohorts


2022 Fall Alumni

  1. FishHawke Sustainable Fishery - Spencer Bradford- linkedin
  2. Latitude Ventures Sky Cycle- Tana Burke- website
  3. ThinkDeeplyAI- Rajesh Kommineni- website
  4. Hometown DIY- Ashleen Spencer- linkedin
  5. Boundless Home- Hans Hoffman- linkedin



2022 Spring Alumni

  1. Origins Curriculum- Genevieve De Alva King- linkedin
  2. "Lingua Montana"- Ahmad Abdallah
  3. JawLogic- Kelly Lucas
  4. Kidspod- Jessica Ray
  5. Ronin Technologies- Jeff Dupuy
  6. FarmPro- Bryan Burkle

2021 Fall Alumni

  1. 2Revol - Angela Gruss
  2. Frontier Psychiatry- Eric Arzubi

  3. Bridgible-Chase Bartlett 

  4. GatherBoard- Molly Bradford


2020 Alumni

  1. Check This Out- Nicholas Wickes
  2. 406Bovine- Bryan Elliott
  3. Inspired Classroom- Alli DePuy
  4. Shopdot- Michelle Huie

2019 Alumni

  1. Blocky- Taylor Heinecke
  2. Docity Health- James Cowan

2018 Alumni

  1. PatientONE- John O'connor 
  2. Cartalytics- Aaron Deskins
  3. AudPop - Paige Williams