C2M beta accelerator exists with the mission of (c)onnecting (2)to (m)ore: more people, more technology, and bringing the two together.


Our 90-day program brings together leaders of start-ups and corporations aiming to build connections and better solutions for their users. C2M’s sprint-based process aims at continual progress, which involves a team of seasoned executives joining the journey of each participating start-up.


“The C2M beta team helped us operationalize all the advice we had been given. Their hands-on approach was just what we needed to get us through our seed round.”

- Jeff Fee, CEO of PatientOne


Highlights of the C2M accelerator:

  • equity-free

  • fee-free

  • cohort based, with selection in spring/summer

  • open to companies across the U.S.

  • some companies are invited to co-locate

  • companies do NOT have to be on-site



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